The Inclusive Visibility & Business Strategy Membership

Get Visible, Get Focussed, Get Accountable

With over 200 AMAZING business owners this community will help you to get visible, get your strategy sorted and ultimately start making more money for your business.

Its aimed at Neurodivergent and Invisible Illness Entrepreneurs but anyone can join and find success.

What do you get?

  • Private community for help and support.

  • Personalised feedback on your social media posts EVERY DAY!

  • Monthly masterclasses to help you to grow your business

  • Daily tips

  • Missions to sort your strategy

  • A platform to advertise your business and practice lives

  • Half price coaching with Maddy (£99 p/h*)

What our Members say

"This membership gave me the confidence to grow my Instagram account. I'm camera shy but Maddy's enthusiasm and guidance made it all possible for me. With daily accountability and Maddy's feedback on my posts my account is getting more reach and interactions daily".

Isabela Doyle: ADHD Parent Coach

"The membership is full of so many neurodivergent people that I really do feel at home and able to be myself. Maddy is also the most excellent membership owner and really cares about our visibility and is always cheering us on. Love it a lot!"

Sam Milburn: Digital Marketer & founder of "Could It Be ADHD" podcast

"Membership to this group has helped me find my way starting a new venture and gathering a following across social media platforms. Everyone is so helpful and supportive when I ask questions they must have heard before! Regular advice to help my content is invaluable. I would definitely be in the dark if I wasn’t a member!"

Sarah Hankey: Founder Of Horsewise Academy

"I've needed a membership like this for so long. Accountability, so much support, inspiration and enthusiasm running through the group. It's almost impossible to not get involved and push yourself"

Amanda Gibbs: Founder of Life After Life

"I'm finding the membership a supportive, encouraging and informative place to get brave and get seen with accountability!"

Victoria Browne: Soul to Self Spiritual Teacher & Embodiment Coach

"The community inside I2I is the best! It's such a supportive place to learn and grow, plus the accountability is just what my ADHD brain needs!"

Laura Millross: Spiritual Coach

"This membership has given me confidence to grow my social media audience in an authentic way that works for my health needs."

Kate Jennings: Network Marketing Leader

"I love this membership, it's so accessible and supportive. I've had so much reach since joining and my TikTok has blown up!"

Leanne Johnson: Founder Of The Drama Centre

"Maddy, Oh Maddy I think you're just FABby And I love the pants off your group You love us you support us You guide us You show us Even if we're all a little bit MADdy (see what I did there?!)

Linda Scerri: Online Digital Marketer

My Services


I offer 1:1 coaching through Access To Work or direct for Neurodivergent and Disabled entrepreneurs. I help with things like accountability, managing your workload, strategy, task management, confidence and leaning to manage your brain and body to get further forward in your business. I also do business strategy coaching, social media coaching and money coaching.

Influencer Marketing

I am a TikTok Influencer, If you need help to get your brand visible I would love to help, I can also be the media person at your event helping you to get content, interview your guests and getting your event seen by more people.

I work with small business owners, event organisers and Fintech's

Speaker/ Author/ Podcaster

I love public speaking, I can talk about Neurodiversity, Personal Finances, Financial Wellbeing, TikTok, Business Visibility, Resilience and Burnout, all from personal experience.

I am an Author, My book

"ADHD Money & Me" is out next March.

I have a podcast called Mad About Money that you can listen to on all good podcast platforms.

Certified Neurodiversity Specialist

I am a certified Neurodiversity in the workplace specialist, if you need someone to train your teams to help them to support their teams and colleagues, I'm your lady.


Your Paragraph text goes Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur I run two large Facebook groups, The Business Visibility Lounge and The UK Parenting Forum, I have space to advertise in both.

I also run an app called Mad About Money with my business partner Vix Munro that helps neurodivergent's to be better with money and business.

About Me

Hey! I’m Maddy. I am a multi passionate entrepreneur who has ADHD, ASD, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, and Dyslexia, and I've battled with OCD, Anxiety, and Depression in the past. I keep it real, and i’m bit sweary sometimes ok most of the time, but always in context.

For the last 10 years I have built my personal brand and niche as an ADHD money specialist and an ADHD Money Influencer on TikTok, growing to a following of over 60k. I’m also a CPD-accredited neurodiversity specialist, training corporates on how to best support neurodivergent employees.

I’m proud to have won multiple awards for my work and to be featured in That’s Life Magazine, BBC Radio Solent, The Sun, FT, Metro, Daily Mail, and The Metro. Plus, most recently I'm a finalist for Money Influencer of the Year at the British Bank Awards.

I bring a hell of a lot of life experience to the party– from spending addiction to homelessness and employment struggles. When I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2022 my life finally made sense, and I have been learning more about my other ND conditions along the way.

Now, I’m on a mission to shine a light on how money impacts people with neurodivergent conditions, I support people in Mad About Money App, which is a social community for neurodivergent's, centred around money and wellbeing.

I also help neurodivergent entrepreneurs; to boost visibility and revenue in their businesses, you can work with me 1:1 or in my ridiculously affordable membership Invisible To Influential.

I’m not a coach, I am way too bossy!

I give people simple steps to push their businesses forward and I also love to share my ideas, I have way too many to keep to myself. Everything I do is focussed on making neurodivergent entrepreneurs and individuals have an easier and less stressful life.

My book “ADHD Money & Me” is coming out early next year published by global top 10 publisher Wiley.

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