Hi I'm Maddy Alexander-Grout

Neuro-Inclusive Money & Business Coach

If you want to know my story have a listen here :)

Coaching Sessions

I spent the last 7 years building my personal brand as a money specialist, now I help neurodivergent business owners to be the go to expert in their niche.

I was in £40,000 of debt in my 20's I spent my late 20's and early 30's paying that off, I then became self employed in 2017.

I started a business, scaled in nationwide, grew my social media following to 100k , bought , sold and acquired businesses, and had a failed one which taught me way more than the others combined.

Social media is my bag, TikTok in particular. I love helping people to develop a personal brand, tell their story, and I love a rebrand.

I work 1:1 as a coach for neurodivergent business owners to help them to grow. Visibility is my specialist area, I am trained in neurodiversity at work so I can also help you to understand your condition and how it affects you at work.

I love a strategy, I am regularly in the press, I have won a ton of business awards and now I am helping people to be the expert.

I take direct or Access To Work Clients, if you are interested in working with me get in touch.

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